Employee Advocacy

What We Do

Employee advocacy is a long term strategy to help your employees foster better relationships on social media with their connections, build brand awareness and drive inbound leads as a result. The team will need to be trained on how the platform works, build systems in place that feeds the advocates content, and OTB will be with you the entire journey.

Advocacy Workshops

OTB LinkedIn Employee Advocacy Workshop can be a one time event for your employee advocates but our recommendation would be to have a continuous working relationship.

Workshop Details

A LinkedIn employee advocacy workshop includes:

  • Training employees on “How to Build Relationships and Revenue” on LinkedIn.
  • Following the marketing team and advocates to review key metrics and provide recommendations to improve engagement.
  • Providing internal ideas to gamify the employee advocacy program to ensure employees are engaged and excited to post content.
  • We are fully accessible and committed to your brand’s success on social media which entails OTB team being available in the brand’s slack or other communication channels to review content, feedback and hold advocates accountable.

We recommend a 6 month focus on the employee advocacy program that will yield ROI for your sales team but we also offer one off workshops that can fit your budget.

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