About OTB Digital

OTB Digital specializes in working with businesses by providing outside the box strategy to help differentiate their brand. We also work with entrepreneurs and small businesses by providing consultation to help them reach their goals on social media. Our courses outline best practices and provide a framework for your business to think outside the box.

Jarrett Thomas

Jarrett is owner and Chief Revenue Officer at Outside the box digital. He has been in digital sales for 10+ years and has worked in  every facet of digital marketing (Digital Advertising, SEO, Branding, Programmatic, Social Listening, & Social Media Management). He has a proven track record of being a top seller in the organizations he’s worked for by helping clients navigate the ever changing digital landscape. 

He is an outside the box thinker who wanted to build authentic relationships and create a more enjoyable sales experience which led him to build his personal brand on Linkedin. Through his efforts on Linkedin he’s been able to develop relationships with many industry leaders and grow his following from 2k-17k followers in 2 years by creating authentic and valuable content. By following this strategy he has generated well over 1M impressions on Linkedin and closed over 2M without a single cold call or email. He is also a Linkedin Black Voice to follow and Amplify, and host of the More Than A Title Podcast.

He embodies the More Than A Title Mantra as he is Father, Son, Brother, Musician, Social Media Strategist, business owner, and wants to help others think outside the box and drive results on social media.

Chad Fernandez

Chadeo an is the owner and the Chief Executive Officer of the company. His entire life is outside the box. From the colorful and often custom clothing that he wears, to his insatiable appetite for adrenaline and adventure. This man is always on Go! Never worried about trends and the opinions of others, he strives daily to separate himself from the “norm”, and experience living on his own terms!

Raised in the heart of the south Bronx, the entrepreneur spirit was infused within him at a very young age. He was always taught to take a leadership role & never settle for what society just hands over. With 3 other successful companies under his belt, including 2 clothing lines, Chadeo understands the dedication it takes to start and grow a successful business. With multiple degrees, & titles like United States Marine Corps veteran, Mentor, Educator, father and family man under his belt; He knows he’s built to tackle any obstacle that comes his way. One light, Too Bright !!-OTB